RaceQuip Latch & Link Racing Harness, 5-Point, Pull Down Lap Belt, Black

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RaceQuips Latch and Link 5-point auto racing harness set has twin individual shoulder belts and is manufactured using premium 3 polyester webbing and drop forged steel hardware to exceed the SFI 16.1 rating. Shoulders adjust from 20 to 62 and the lap belt adjusts from 20 to 60. All RaceQuip 711 series belts come as a pull down lap design, which means that the lap belts must be pulled down and away from the center latch and link buckle mechanism to tighten. All RaceQuip Latch and Link motorsports harness sets are distinguished by a pivoting hammer, called a Duckbill, which is located on the lap belt and locks all of the belts into place by snapping down into a detent. Both shoulder belts and the sub-belt are hooked over the link; the link is inserted into the latch on the lap belt; the Duckbill is then brought down into and over the link, securely holding all of the pieces in place. Since RaceQuip seat belt sets are double adjustable, lengths are simply adjusted on either end for ease of installation. Using the included three bar slide you can mount the belts by either wrapping them around a rollbar or by bolting them in place with the supplied ends (bolts not included). Snap hook ends and eyebolts are sold separately if the user wishes to install belts in that manner. NOTE: RaceQuip harness sets and seat belts are NOT D.O.T. / FMVSS 209/302 certified for on highway use. They are only to be used in racing vehicles off of public streets and highways. All racing harness sets are designed to be mounted in a racecar to a rollcage or harness bar - if you do not have either, you should not try to install any RaceQuip harness set or seat belts. All SFI 16.1 rated RaceQuip harness sets can be re-webbed and re-certified upon expiration. Available in black, red, blue, yellow, purple, platinum, green, pink, and orange - one set of seat belts equals one seat.