Driven 50030 Coolant System Protector

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Driven 50030 CSP Coolant System Protector - 12 oz Protect your engine block, cylinder heads, water pump and radiator from deposits and corrosion that reduce the effectiveness of your cooling system. Don’t put your engine at risk from the corrosive effects of coolants mixed with non-distilled water. The minerals in regular water and well water cause corrosion and degrade the performance of the coolant. CSP neutralizes these minerals and prevents damage due to hard water. This is especially important when you add make-up water to the coolant system. CSP prevents corrosion in modern “orange” OAT coolants, traditional “green” anti-freeze and straight water. Keeps engine coolant passages clean and lubricates water pumps. Do not mix with other coolant additives. Features: Adds corrosion resistance to modern “orange” OAT coolants Better “wetting” than traditional coolant additives Improves engine cooling by improving surface wetting and lowering surface tension Stabilizes hard water