Competition Carburetion CC80541-3

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The Competition Carburetion CC80541-3 Hybrid carburetor is perfectly matched to the
602 engine. It provides great throttle response and outperforms the competition on
starts and restarts.
 Holley aluminum 650 main body which is blueprinted to our detailed
 Custom set of metering blocks, calibrated for the 602 engine
 Billet blocks which provide a cleaner and more consistent flow of air and fuel
 Billet base plate with nickel coated shafts for strength and durability
 Aluminum bowls with glass sites allow the racer to easily customize float levels
After complete assembly and inspection, the carburetor is checked for CFM and signal
on our computerized flow bench. It is then run on a test engine where the floats are set
and overall operations are confirmed. The carburetor is then drained and torqued, and
prepared for shipping or storage.