Bell Dominator.3/ Gtx.3/ Gp.3/ Hp.3 With Se03/Se05 Shield-2 Mil Perimeter Seal Laminated-Tearoffs

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• 11-1/2"

• Banana

• For Bell Dominator.3/ GTX.3/ GP.3/ HP.3 with SE03/SE05 shield

• 30 Layers Per Sleeve

The best tear off system in the world just got better. The new Racing Optics Perimeter Seal Stack has an adhesive band that seals up against your visor. This new seal completely eliminates dirt, dust, wind, water and scratching of your visor. Now you can see clearly for the entire race no matter what the conditions and run that expensive shield all season long. The new Racing Optics Perimeter Seal uses the same 10-layer XStack and you can install multiple Stacks to create a 30-layer Sealed Stack! They are packaged with 3 sets of 10 layers or 30 tear offs per sleeve.